Welcome to our safe house on the web! Jared has been kind enough to assist myself and the rest of the Supers as we attempt to get this place off the ground and running. We have a newsletter, which we’ll be sending out shortly, as well as an “Ask the Super feature” and very soon, we’ll begin posting our profiles in the Meet the Supers section. We also have plans for a gallery for anyone who is interested in contributing fan art.

We love fans. Well, I do, for the most part (except that Kevin bloke!)

Some of the other Supers are rather shy. They’re used to hiding, while I enjoy the stage and being around people. At the moment, I’m currently sitting in a maximum security prison, awaiting my second trial for a murder that never happened. Boring! CJ and Kim thought they’d give me something to do whilst we await the next addition to the Black Kat series. Sit back, and enjoy the site!

With much affection,

Hugh Harrison and the Supers