Law & Order meets Armageddon...Super-style
The clock is ticking as Kat and Hugh hunt down Neve, an explosive Rogue with the power to destroy two worlds. They must catch her, drag her through a portal, and bring her to justice on their home planet without blowing everything to bits. No pressure or anything.


Never mind that she's got the hots for Elijah, a lonely stone singer who can move mountains with his voice. What could possibly go wrong?

Catch Kat, Hugh, Jacob, Dale, and the rest of the Supers for another round of thrills, chills, laughter, and no-holds barred adventure that spans the stars. It might just be...Kat-a-strophic.


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Phoenix Safe House
May 21, 2000



“I can’t see her,” Aislinn huffed in frustration.
Sparks emitted from her long red hair, illuminating the growing darkness as the sun sank beyond the terracotta courtyard of the Phoenix safe house.
“Shouldn’t I be able to see my own sister? Or at least feel her?”
Dale placed a hand on her shoulder. “Try again, my love.”
Her delicate features softened at his words, making her even more beautiful, if that were possible.
“Alright, but I'm going to need more room.”
Dale stepped back, giving her a wide berth.
Kang and Deirdre followed suit. They were gifted counselors with telepathic and empathic powers, here to provide assistance.
Aislinn closed her eyes and stretched out her palms, her wings blazing behind her.
Rings of fire sparkled around her, glowing and spinning as she rose into the air, her head tilted toward the emerging stars, her back arched.
Dale watched in awe, spellbound. She was like the winged goddess Ellandria herself, whom their home planet was named after. A more fiery version, perhaps, revered as a prophetess among their kind.
But Aislinn was more than that. She was a map across time and space, able to see into places others could not—past, present, future. Right now, it was the present that had them all most concerned. They needed to find her missing sister before she blew up again.
Aislinn knitted her red brows together in concentration. The rings spun faster and her face flushed, straining under the effort.
Minutes passed, and everyone remained silent as she hung in the air, searching and scanning.
As a mentalist, Dale could sometimes tune in to the images flickering through her mind, but not this time. Nothing came to him.
Finally, the rings around her faded, and she descended to the tiled floor, then opened her eyes.
“Red rocks. That’s all I see.”
Dale stared out at the desert. “Colorado, maybe?”
She threw her hands in the air. “Or Mars, or anywhere, really.”
He rubbed his eyes, sharing her frustration, too exhausted to make heads or tails of it.
So far, all they had were a bunch of dead ends when it came to her sister Neve. There was still so much to do between gearing up the Rogue Hunters and planning his return to their home world. He hadn’t slept in days and felt like he might nod off at any moment.
“Your personal connection might be hindering your Sight,” Kang suggested. “It's common among human psychics. They're blocked from seeing too much about themselves and those close to them. The same might hold true for Supers.”
“But I don't even know her,” Aislinn protested.
“You don't remember her,” Dale corrected. “But some part of you does.”
Something about Earth affected their memories. His own had only come back once he returned to Ellandria.
Kang stroked his goatee in thought. “Your Sight also hinders you from seeing a future with Dale.”
“I don't need to see the future to know I have one with him. I can feel it.”
She beamed him the most beauteous smile, melting his insides. He sensed it too.
They did not feel the mating heat the way the others did. By all accounts, they were entirely incompatible. Fire and Wind did not usually mix, but their temporal powers seemed to pull them together like magnets. Whenever they touched, a feeling rippled over him of destiny and timelessness.
“Why don’t we try feeling our way back through the past instead,” Kang proposed. “There might be some clues there, hidden memories of your sister.”
Dale pressed his lips together, unsure. Digging around in there could be treacherous. It had nearly done Hugh in when his memories returned. The process was jolting, and he dreaded what it might do to Aislinn. But Kang was a talented psychologist and their most powerful mentalist.
Take care, Dale told him in thought. You may get more than you bargained for.
Kang shot him a mirthful look. That’s nothing new.
He waved Aislinn toward a chaise lounge.
She folded in her fiery wings and sat gingerly on the edge of the seat. Dale knelt down beside her.
She turned to him. “Hold my hand.”
Dale took it and kissed it softly, his blood stirring. “I shall never let go.”
She quirked a smile at him. “Ever?”
“Well, perhaps when nature calls, or you turn to ash again.”
A sadness washed over him. She would burst into flames soon, and the cycle would start over, taking her from infant to child to teenager to adult phoenix.
Kang cleared his throat. “Shall we begin?”
“Sure.” Aislinn’s voice quavered, and she tightened her grip on Dale’s hand.
He felt Deirdre release a wave of soothing energy over them as Kang walked Aislinn back in time.
“Now, I want you to relax and think back to your earliest memories. I’ll help you. In three…two…one….”
Aislinn closed her eyes and exhaled, then fell silent.
“I’m falling through a tunnel of bright lights. Fiona is holding on to me. We’re both scared. Then everything goes black, and there’s pain, so much pain.”
Dale bent his head, focusing on the images that rose to the surface of her mind.
“And then what?” Kang asked.
“We’re in a hospital somewhere. Fiona has a broken leg. My arm is in a cast. They want to separate us, but my sister won’t let them. She fights, even with the broken leg.”
Dale grinned. Fiona had always been feisty, and just as protective of Aislinn as he was of Hugh.
Kang took her back further. “What do you see now?”
“A field and a….stone stage. There’s a circular gate across from it, with strange writing…”
Kang looked at Dale. Can you see this?
He nodded. It’s the field where Neve exploded on Ellandria.
“There’s a boy with white hair…” Aislinn continued. “It’s you, Dale. And Hugh is there. Someone’s trying to put a crown on his head.”
“Yes, that was just before the explosion.”
The image rippled like a still pond disturbed by a stone. The stage was the same, but Dale and Hugh were older, and Hugh was accepting a different crown, one Dale had never seen, not even when Hugh became Crown Prince of Ellandria.
Aislinn stared into the distance, trance-like, and rose to her feet, dropping Dale’s hand.
Rings of fire appeared around her again, and she began to prophesy.
“The White King shall appear,
When rivers of blood
Run through the House of Wind
And a Great War plagues the land…”
Images streamed through her like a rushing river, fast and furious. Screams, blood-stained snow, a clash of swords. The black and silver banners of his clan blowing in tatters above the white castle at Dùnadunn.
Dale’s stomach clenched. “Bring her out of it, Kang.”
The psychiatrist attempted to do so, but Aislinn kept going, repeating the words over and over. “The White King…rivers of blood…House of Wind…”
Kang shook his head. “She’s in deep. I can’t bring her out without causing harm.”
Dale tried another approach. “Aislinn, concentrate on Earth. What do you see?”
She lifted her gaze to the constellations overhead, her eyes moving back at forth, scanning something. Her voiced dropped to a monotone.
“System failure. Breach imminent. Catastrophic.”
Dale exchanged a concerned look with Kang and Deirdre as she continued, the fiery rings swirling faster and faster around her, crackling with power.
Her wings extended, and she rose high into the air.
“Moving to Defcon 4.”
Pictures and symbols flashed past too quickly for Dale to make sense of them. Fire. Smoke. Death.
“Status change. Defcon 3.”
“Defcon 2.”
“Defcon 1.”
Dale stood as close as he dared and raised his voice above the din. “Look at me, Aislinn! You need to come out of it.”
Her hazel eyes widened, and she shuddered.
“Launch sequence detected. Catastrophic.”
Dierdre raised her arms and cast a soothing blue light at her, but it had no effect.
In his mind’s eye, Dale saw a shock-wave ripple across the Earth, and then it was burning. Everyone and everything in it was burning.
Aislinn’s eyes welled with tears. “Catastrophic.”
“Aislinn!” Dale yelled.
Her eyelids fluttered, and she came to, the color drained from her face. Her wings drooped, and she sank to the ground, the rings of fire dissipating.
She stepped toward Dale and clutched his shirt, pulling him down to her.
“We need to find my sister. Soon.”


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