Desdemona Water Shifter


Name: Desdemona Beauregard
Nickname: Dez
Type: Water shifter (aquakinetic)
Age: Late 30s
Ethnicity: Mixed- part African American, part something else.
Nationality: French West Indies (Martinique)
Status: mated and married to Cyrille
Hair: Black, often kept long and intricately braided
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Family: None
Location: New Orleans
Occupation: Healer and co-leader of the New Orleans safe house
Favorite Saying: “Let me mix somedhing up.”


  • Fantastic cook
  • A gifted herbal healer and apothecary
  • Loves gardening
  • As a water shifter, she can manipulate liquids of all kinds. This comes in quiet handy  in healing, as we are made up of 70% water. Her powers compliment Jacob’s energy  abilities, so they often work together to save our most critical patients.

Summary: A water shifter from New Orleans, gifted in the healing arts. Especially  adept in homeopathy, herbalism and other natural forms of healing. Works closely with  Jacob to treat and care for the other Supers. 

Secrets: Sneaky and stubborn at times beneath that lovely smile

Closest friends: Selena, Jacob, Kylie

Dale’s Notes: I should have warned Hugh never to trust a water shifter’s tea. They  can be sneaky sometimes, slipping in things that don’t belong in order to get their way.  Dez is stubborn as well as patient. If she’s determined to get something, she’ll find a way.  I learned to scan her intentions before imbibing any of her concoctions myself. That said,  her medications have helped me enormously with some of my mental health issues. Far  more effective than human medications, which do not always work well on us. Jacob says  our physiology is different.