The Black Kat Series

Fasten your seat belts and join the wild adventures of Black Kat and the Supers in this dark, romantic comedy series spanning both urban fantasy and fantasy.

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Black Kat II: God Save the Queen

Meet the Supers

“They called themselves “Supers” for their extraordinary abilities, not knowing what other term to use. They did not dress up in tights and fight villains like the comic book heroes. The real world was a far less accepting place…”
Black Kat News: May/June 2022

Black Kat News: May/June 2022

Here's to a Super Summer   Hello my friends, how are you?  Our author has been under the weather, literally, for a bit, which is why you haven't heard from us. But she's doing...

Black Kat News: December 2021

Black Kat News: December 2021

Merry Catmas, friends and fellow Supers!   Hugh here. I hope you're having a lovely holiday, or gearing up for one. Kat & I have been off hunting an explosive Rogue, but...

Black Kat News: November 2021

Black Kat News: November 2021

We're Thankful for You + Amazon Giveaway   Hello, friends and fellow Super lovers! Kim here. Hugh and Kat are off hunting Rogues, Dale's stuck in a portal somewhere, and...

Black Kat News: October 2021

Black Kat News: October 2021

Updates, Sneak Peeks, & More. Oh My! Hello, friends, Hugh here. How are you these days? Kat and I are gearing up for our next adventure and so is our ARC/Beta team. They're...

Black Kat News: September 2021

Black Kat News: September 2021

A Homecoming + A Cover Reveal   Hello Friends, How is September treating you? We're doing peachy here. Quite literally. Our author's fruit trees are bent down to the ground,...

Meet the Supers: Dale Harrison

  Name: Dale HarrisonType: Mentalist with some light and time manipulation abilitiesAlso known as: The Missing Super, Subject #941 (the lab), Delywn (home planet)Age: Late 30sEthnicity: CaucasianNationality: British, but now a naturalized American citizenStatus:...

Meet the Supers: Cyrille

  Name: CyrilleType: FighterAge: Late 30sEthnicity: CaucasianNationality: French CanadianStatus: mated and married to DesdemonaHair: blond, long, often pulled backEyes: blueHeight: 6’ 6” tallWeight: 220 pounds, muscularFamily: no known siblingsLocation: New...

Coming Soon:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Reeling from Hugh’s abandonment, Kat vents her anger by hunting Rogues and wrestling with her growing feelings for Jacob.
Meanwhile, Hugh finds himself stranded on another world with his long-lost brother and a horde of murderous cousins.
Can he survive long enough to return to the Supers with answers about their past? And if so, can he survive Kat’s wrath, as well as her aim?

One hot mess deserves another…
Life isn’t easy for a fire shifter. Fiona and Aislinn’s powers keep them homeless, and the streets are full of Rogues and other unsavory characters. Prince Charming isn’t coming to save them. Or is he?
A handsome, flame-retardant stranger may just be the answer to all of their problems.

Coming to online stores worldwide in summer 2020. 

Now Available: Kat & Mouse

The chase begins in Black Kat I: Kat & Mouse, available at retailers worldwide.